Thrive’s vision is of a world in which children and young people’s social and emotional needs are better understood and met.

Created to support this vision, the Thrive Approach is a dynamic, developmental and trauma-sensitive approach to meeting the social and emotional needs of children and young people. Thrive offers the training and tools to support adults working with children and young people.

The Thrive Approach is informed by established developments in neuroscientific research.

It is underpinned by a theoretical base in child development theory and attachment theory. At its heart is the understanding that young people’s behaviour represents a form of communication – of their underlying needs. If these needs are recognised and met, children and young people will be able to flourish and learn.

Thrive does not ask what has happened in a young person’s past. It asks about their development needs and how best to address them. The Thrive Approach is designed to equip you with the tools and training you need to help children and young people become ready to learn and thrive.



A web-based assessment, action-planning and monitoring tool, Thrive-Online is used for:

- profiling groups and individuals,
- it provides targeted strategies (how to be with) and activities (what to do with), to meet the needs of children and young people, and
- it enables you to measure progress over time.

Thrive-Online support is provided by a dedicated team via telephone and email from 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.


Thrive Training

Thrive training will ensure that you can support the social and emotional development of all the children and young people you work with. It will help you to better understand their needs as communicated by their behaviour.

From an introductory session to evolving and embedding the Thrive Approach, our courses are designed to upskill professionals and help parents and carers in their relationships with children. Courses cover both children's right-time needs and, when required, reparative interventions for individuals or small groups. In addition, the Thrive Approach is suitable for staff with a range of responsibilities working in a variety of settings.

"The best training to support my job role in school - I love it!"

Licensed Practitioner feedback


Thrive Membership

Membership provides a bespoke package based on your specific requirements, and includes:

- Thrive-Online subscription for both a right-time and reparative focus
- Thrive-Online technical support
- Thrive training for senior leaders, practitioners and all staff
- continuing professional development, including annual Thrive conferences
- regional network meetings
- ongoing support from the Relationship Manager in your area.

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