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From an introductory session to evolving and embedding the Approach, embarking on your Thrive journey will ensure you can support the social and emotional development of all the children and young people you work with. 

Our training is delivered live by Thrive trainers providing dynamic, connected learning using online platforms.

We are currently offering a 2-year subscription offer from just $4250 (plus GST) per year, depending on the size of school.

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If you are passionate about developing positive relationships with children and young people to support their wellbeing, you are perfectly placed to adopt the Thrive Approach.

Thrive training is relevant to professionals in education, health and social care, and to parents, adoptive parents and foster carers. Training is tailored for Early Years (0-4 year olds), Childhood (4-11 year olds) and Adolescence (11-18 year olds), unless otherwise indicated.

Awareness sessions Foundation Training Licensed Training Intermediate Training Advanced Training

What is Foundation Training?

Designed to provide the basic knowledge and skills required to use Thrive to optimise the right-time social and emotional development of all children and young people.

This level of training will:

  • Introduce the theory and neuroscience that underpins the Approach,
  • Support you in creating a vision of how Thrive will look in your setting,
  • Demonstrate how to use Thrive-Online for group profiling and action-planning.
What is Licensed Training?

In-depth training that provides a deep, practical knowledge of Thrive and the underpinning theory and skills required to meet the reparative needs of children and young people with interrupted social and emotional development.

This level of training will:

  • Equip you with an in-depth knowledge of the Thrive Approach,
  • Explain the stages of social and emotional development,
  • Explore what to do and how to be in response to distressed behaviour,
  • Teach you how to use Thrive-Online effectively.
What is Intermediate Training?

Open to Licensed Practitioners and above. Intermediate (CPD) courses are designed to increase the practitioners understanding of a variety of aspects of the Thrive Approach as part of their continuing professional development (CPD).

This level of training will:

  • Continue professional development for Licensed Practitioners,
  • Help you to deepen and extend your Thrive practice.
What is Advanced Training?

These courses enable Licensed Practitioners to train others in the Thrive Approach and gain Course Leader and Licensed Trainer qualifications.

This level of training will:

  • Further extend your knowledge and understanding of Thrive,
  • Delve deeper into the underpinning theory of the Approach,
  • Hone your training skills and put those skills into practice in the field.
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New course to support parents and carers!

Course Leader for Family ThriveThis intensive interactive online course equips Thrive Licensed Practitioners with the skills and resources they need to run a six-session Family Thrive program in their setting. View all Thrive courses

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While it is important to understand the model behind The Thrive Approach, what really matters is the impact that it can have in practice for the development of an individual child or young person.

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