Parents and Carers

Do you want to know how to better support your child in their social and emotional development? The Thrive Approach can help you understand the needs of your child, ensuring you can give them optimal support as they grow.

Better understand what is happening for your children in their world

Experts tell us that our children's behaviour is their way of communicating an unmet need, often because they do not yet have the language to tell us. By helping you understand children's social and emotional development, we enable you to help your children become more confident, curious, emotionally resilient and more engaged with both life and learning.


Thrive Insights

Parents & carers specific benefit with training

Thrive explores the motivations behind the behaviour of children and young people with Thrive Insights, a series of webinars open to everyone.

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Supporting the community to weather the storm

Discover and share practical, creative and fun activities

To support parents and carers, and anyone else interested in supporting children and young people through the Covid-19 pandemic, we launched a public Facebook group filled with Thrive strategies and activities, as well as links to resources from other organisations and the sharing of ideas and thoughts.

Anyone with an interest in the social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people is welcome to join this community group.

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Thrive for Carers, Adoptive and Foster Parents

Thrive for Home

Parents & carers specific benefit with CPD

Thrive offers a guiding hand and support for carers, adoptive and foster parents to be more confident in managing the behaviour presented by children and you'd adults in their care and understanding through Thrive theory, why they may be behaving as they are and how best to respond

Features that would benefit parents & carers

Thrive can help make the time you spend with your children count.

The Thrive Approach supports the wellbeing of everyone in the family.

The Thrive Approach helps to explain children's behaviour and provide you with strategies to help your children manage this themselves.

Thrive-Online provides you with targeted strategies and the opportunity to build a library of activities.

Case studies

While it is important to understand the model behind The Thrive Approach, what really matters is the impact that it can have in practice for the development of an individual child or young person.

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Next steps

If you would like to discuss more about Thrive and what opportunities are currently available in your area, please click the link below or call the Thrive team direct on +64 (0) 21450985.

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